Q: what is polaprints?

A: It was originally started as a outlet for me to share images I created with my Polaroid SX-70 camera, hence the name. But after some thought I felt it made sense to expand it to be a way to share all my personal work I create through film without pressure of worrying about what will be appealing to others. My plan is to keep it simple and minimal. Share images one at a time. No pressure to create long blog posts or even consistent posts around a theme. It is purely my outlet to share images as the mood strikes me.

Q: what cameras do you use?

A: For film I primarily use a Nikon F100 and a SX-70. I also shoot with a Mamiya 645, a Holga 120, and a Yashica Mat 124G and recently purchased a Olympus half frame  and an point and shoot XA2.

Q: do you plan to open a shop?

A: Yes. I am working on opening a small Etsy shop where I will sell a selection of my film images. If there is something you would like before the shop opens email me directly (nicole@girlphotography.info)

Q: what are in the works for 2017?

A: i am in a transition period right now and want to use this site this also as a way to guide me towards projects I want to invest time in documenting. I do plan